Environmental Services

Environmental Services


Environmental Services

Our environmental services team are fully trained and equipped to tackle any size of property including flats, basements, offices and warehouses for full cleaning (including blood, sharps and other drug paraphernalia), furniture removal and full treatment of all areas for hygiene and pest control purposes.
(Fleas, cockroaches, mites and other insects.)

BH Environmental services can also carry out full rodent monitoring including the installation of rodent boxes and removal of spoil, animals etc. This can be carried out either as a specific job in order to target a particular problem or as a yearly contract aimed more as a preventative.

Where cases arise concerning blocked drains or sewers causing minor flooding and damage to property and contents from effluent etc. we are able to offer a complete removal and clear up service including full disinfecting of all contaminated areas.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss your requirements on a no obligation basis plus free quotation format please call us for an informal talk with one of our fully qualified team members.


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